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Three Dollar Bill Cinema is at a crossroads both financially and strategically and this beloved organization needs your help. We have gone through a series of changes over the past few years - from staff and board changes to some decisions that seemed right for the future, but have had an adverse effect on the financial health of the organization.

We need your help as we navigate the way forward and examine how to better serve the community through our existing programs. Imagine if Reel Queer Youth was able to go into schools across King County mentoring LGBTQ2+ youth in the fundamentals of filmmaking? Imagine if our education programming could be expanded even further. If we could provide film and media literacy programs year-round with focus on boosting transgender and queer people of color filmmakers. To provide the tools and forum they need in order to tell their stories. Think about the impact that could have. Think about how many new queer filmmakers would be equipped to address the issues our country currently faces.

We need the next generation of queers to have the confidence and sense of purpose to pick-up a camera and tell their story. We need more transgender filmmakers having their stories on screens across the country at transgender-focused events like Three Dollar Bill Cinema’s Translations Film Festival. We need these stories now - as our current administration is actively working to erase the existence of the transgender and non-binary community. But, we need your help to make these dreams come to life. Your support is integral to the success of this organization and we cannot thank you enough for your commitment.

We are a team of motivated people with the vision, determination, and grit to ensure that Three Dollar Bill Cinema is the queer film organization that Seattle wants, needs, and deserves. We are thankful to have a beautiful foundation laid down over the years by queer visionaries who grew this organization from a single film festival into the multifaceted programming we produce today. What’s most important to us is that everyone knows that Three Dollar Bill Cinema is going to be here tomorrow.

In order to ensure our programs continue, we need your help. We have launched The Visionary Fund and invite you to join us in our vision of an actively engaged community of queer and allied film-goers who value the diversity of stories that make us who we are. Your investment in Three Dollar Bill Cinema, at any level, is a statement that you value and affirm queer representation. It is a promise to your community. And, it’s a promise that you’ll be here tomorrow, too.

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